Anabolic Steroids Profiles

Most steroids are anabolic steroids meaning they have a greater percentage of anabolic quality than androgenic properties. Even those that are referred to as androgenic have some anabolic percentage quality in them. They come in different names and forms, most of which are either oral (tablets and capsules) or injectable. There are black market steroids, and pharmaceutical ones which are prescribed for the management of AIDS, anemia and osteoporosis. Among these two types of steroids are those that are legal and illegal.  Legal steroids have been made for the treatment of illnesses like the above mentioned ones and are relatively safe since they are prescribed to treat and management some illnesses without leading to the negative effects that have been associated with anabolic steroids. Illegal steroids are made in underground labs and are illegal since they have not been regulated and their negative consequences can be extreme since they are mostly abused by their users. Steroid names differ from brand names and chemical names and it is important to make that clear.

Every anabolic steroid is referred to as such because it is more anabolic than androgenic, although it can still enable users to lose bad weigh and gain good muscle weight.  Some of the good effects of anabolic steroid that male users  run for them include the increase in the muscle size of the users, which is especially good for those users who are athletic and want to build their muscle capacity. All athletes will want to gain some competitive advantage over others and one of the ways of getting around this is through anabolic steroids. Users have been penalized in the last few decades for the use of anabolic steroids and this is discouraging the use of anabolic steroids in competitive sports. Steroid use has been popular in sports that require a lot of muscle strength like bodybuilding and track and field athletics. School children as young as 15 years old have suddenly seen the benefits that steroids could have on their athletic careers, and are using anabolic steroids as well. The ease of access to  anabolic steroids online and offline is not making it any easier.

With the combination of anabolic steroids intake and physical exercise as well as dieting, hundreds of users have noticed the positive effects of anabolic steroids. Experienced users will use anabolic steroids in cycles, meaning they will stop at just the right time to take advantage of the benefits and avoid the potential side effects. Stacking is also one of the ways of mitigating the potential side effects by using anabolic steroids with other steroids that will prevent the side effects of aromatization from getting to users.


However, there is need to mention that whether you use It in cycles or you stack them to prevent the side effects from getting to you, there are side effects of steroids that will last a lifetime. Some of the effects of using anabolic steroid can be physiological and psychological. One of the ways of spotting a user of steroids is that he has gleaning muscles which may not translate to strength most of the time. This is because their muscles contain a lot of water in them and are useless. Users will experience joint pain and will tire faster when they have watery muscles with anabolic steroids. Male users will experience balding faster and more so if they are genetically predisposed to balking. This is in reference to those whose male maternal relatives bald. Long term use of steroids without cycling and stacking will lead to side effects like gynecomastia  in men and Virilization in women, the latter which is more permanent since there is nothing that can be done about  deepened voice in  a woman.